Modern Times, Another World, Same Magic

I decided to wear my hair violet and braided that day. Nothing special to celebrate, I just wanted to break from my usual black or brown hair on a typical Saturday night. The town was teeming with people, as always. Archers, priests, merchants, thieves, acolytes, swordsmen. Looking around me, there were quite a few with violet hair so I guess I’m well-disguised. And so the hunt began.

This is our game time. Once in a week, he and I would be in front of our laptops and play anything, most often Ragnarok. We’d dress up our cute sprites (the people-like things representing each player) and go out the town completely unaware of what the other one looks like. Then, we’d race of finding the other one.

There, I saw you first!

Our special relationship did not start in Prontera or in dungeons. Ours is a product of intimacy that grew with time. But living separate lives – him working in Singapore and me in the Philippines – long distance is an inevitable enemy that we have to deal with. Our days would start with a simple text and nights would end with a call. Skype is there once in a while but our constant friend is Twitter. And come weekend, I would always be excited with game time. I always look forward for Saturdays when we would enter another world, create a party and fool others by pretending that we just met. Then, we would kill zombies and loot in dungeons. For breaks, we would take a walk in the city of Payon or have a date in Gonryun or in Comodo.

But far beyond the virtual world that we live is a world where we can watch the sunset by the beach together; beyond the sprites that move by our every click are two individuals who would hold each other’s hand saying “I’m here”; beyond the potions that we concoct are emotions of courage and love and everything in between; and beyond the wars that we win or lose is the story of us fighting like kids and protecting each other like siblings.

Love in 21st century is not defined by the computers, touch cellphones, ipads, social sites and virtual realities. These advancements in technology are only tools that help us scale distances and show our feelings whenever, wherever, in whatever way possible. It can never dictate what we feel. I am happy when I know that he is happy. Love is still that magical feeling that can never be exactly defined. Love is still love. Whatever year we may live.

And by the way, if we reach millions of zennies, we’ll invite you. Marriage is quite a luxury in prontera. *wink*


This is my response to The Daily Post’s weekly challenge with theme Love in the 21st Century.


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