It’s Just the Crickets

In the foggy scene of darkness and red, she couldn’t grasp what and why was she waking up blood-soaked. She heard shallow breathing, slowly fading, until the crickets chirped alone in the silence.


This is my first post in response to Trifecta Writing Challenge where writers are challenged to use a given word in an entry. This week’s word is Grasp (verb) which particularly means to lay hold of with the mind: Comprehend.


16 thoughts on “It’s Just the Crickets

  1. Welcome to Trifecta! We’re so glad you found us and took the plunge. This is a really great, super creepy response to the prompt. Waking up blood soaked? That’s either the start to or the end of a great story. Thanks for linking up. Don’t forget to come back and vote at the end of the challenge. There’s a countdown in our right sidebar.

    • Well, you guys really give us a challenge! As for this post, I never thought I can have these comments and it just inspired me to write more and challenge myself more. Thanks a lot for the nice words. =)

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